Goshen College student volunteers successfully lead the campus’ low-cost and low-tech composting program to manage all the food waste in the dining hall.

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Meet Aranza

Aranza Torres

Aranza came to Goshen College for a good education, but she’s on a mission to educate others about immigration issues.

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Meet Nate


Nate has two great loves in life: God and basketball. At Goshen College, he pursued both.

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Meet Bojana

Bojana Jankova

Bojana, one of GC’s 950+ diverse peacemakers, came from Macedonia to study public relations. At Goshen College, she’s using her communication and leadership skills to build bridges by serving others.

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Meet Henry

Henry Stewart

Henry, one of our 950+ diverse peacemakers, is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s doing biochemistry research, learning new instruments, playing Frisbee and composing music in his spare time.

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Sustainability Semester


GC’s new Sustainability Semester offers a problem-based learning experience where students engage real environmental issues of local concern while earning 15 college credits and living at Merry Lea.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah Lerch

Working with laboratory scientists is pushing Sarah towards her own dreams of graduate school. Studying at Goshen College is inspiring her to work for peace.

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Fall song


In Goshen, “fall is when you fall in love again.” At least according to alumnus Jesse Landis-Eigsti ’09, who wrote and performed this new song for this season at GC:

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Meet Kayla

Kayla Schwartz

Kayla, one of our 950+ diverse peacemakers, is studying American Sign Language to become an interpreter. At Goshen College, she can do so much more than simply learn the language.

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Meet Jair

Jair Hernandez

In choosing a college, Jair was looking for a global learning environment, but also wanted to stay close to home. At GC, he has he found exactly what he was looking for.

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