Goshen College Vision

Goshen College will be recognized as an influential leader in liberal arts education focusing on international, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and integrative teaching and learning that offers every student a life-orienting story embedded in Christ centered core values: global citizenship, compassionate peacemaking, servant leadership and passionate learning.


Goshen College is a liberal arts college dedicated to the development of informed, articulate, sensitive, responsible Christians.

As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, we seek to integrate Christian values with educational, social and professional life. As a community of faith and learning, we strive to foster personal, intellectual, spiritual and social growth in every person. We view education as a moral activity that produces servant-leaders for the church and the world.

Educational mission

At Goshen College we intend to create a community of faith and learning built on five core values: Christ-centeredness, passionate learning, servant leadership, compassionate peacemaking and global citizenship. In our academic program and campus life students will develop the knowledge, skills and values for:

A life that is CHRIST-CENTERED, with

  • a reflective faith that nurtures spiritual growth in individual and corporate contexts
  • an active faith that informs all life’s choices

A life of PASSIONATE LEARNING, through

  • the mastery of a major field of study as the basis for life-long learning, service, relationships, and work in a socially and culturally diverse context
  • an extensive foundation of knowledge, skills, processes and methodologies derived from a liberal arts curriculum that are required for systematic study and problem solving

A life of SERVANT LEADERSHIP, based on

  • a leadership ability that empowers self and others
  • a healthy understanding of self and others that is reflected in relationships of interdependence and mutual accountability


  • a personal integrity that fosters the ability to resolve conflict and to promote justice
  • a commitment to diversity in all of its forms both conceptually and in practice


  • an intercultural openness with the ability to function effectively with people of other world views
  • a responsible understanding of stewardship for human systems and the environment in a multicultural world

Goshen College’s academic program is integrated into all aspects of college life, curricular and co-curricular. We encourage students to learn and grow beyond the parameters of their discipline-based training, to recognize the powerful connection between the disciplines, and between the education of the mind, body and spirit.

Approved by the Goshen College Board of Directors – Jan. 31, 2004