Experience in undergrad research makes the Goshen student particularly attractive to graduate schools.The interaction between faculty and student during an undergraduate research program allows the student to explore further possibilities for education or career. An undergraduate research experience has been identified nationally as the most influential contributing factor in the education of a scientist or engineer and is becoming almost a requirement for the student wishing to pursue graduate study. Papers with student authors are presented at both the National Conference on Undergraduate Research held annually and professional conferences. Theoretical modeling studies are also conducted in the labratory. There is presently collaborative research with the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University and Brigham Young University.

The Honors program

Our vision for honors study at Goshen College is broad and inclusive rather than prescribed and elitist. It promotes collaboration as well as individual achievement and celebrates a wide variety of talents and gifts. Entry into most honors opportunities at Goshen College is not based upon high school achievement. Most are open to any Goshen College student who wishes to rise to the challenge.

The Maple Scholars program

This is an eight-week summer research program available to Goshen students of all majors. It resembles the NSF Reseach Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Biophysics Research program

Professor Carl Helrich directs an active research program in Biophysics studying aspects of neurotransmission and membrane microstructure.  He and his students create synthetic bilayers using a specially built apparatus which then can make extremely fine measurements of ion transport activity.

Holographic Interferometry of Musical Instruments

The holography research is a program under the direction of Professor John Ross Buschert. In this research program, students use holographic interferometry to study the vibration modes of various musical instruments.