One Acts

The theater department produces a collection of one act plays each semester in addition to the mainstage. Usually student-directed pieces, one acts provide a more formal opportunity to practice directing skills and techniques than simply within the classroom, in addition to offering beginning actors the chance to be cast in significant roles.

  • Peace Plays: Baby Boom and Acts of Contrition (Selected scenes), Oct. 2006

    Peace Plays: Baby Boom and Acts of Contrition (Selected scenes) Acts of Contrition by Patricia Montley / Directed by Fritz Hartman Baby Boom by Lia Romeo / Directed by Talashia Keim Yoder

  • Winter One Acts 2004

    Dog Poop by Stephen Peace Directed by Adam Roth   Agnes                                                                                                   Rosanna Nafzinger June                                                                                                     Libby Hannah Glover   Bedtime by Mary Gallagher Directed by Sarah E. Detwiler Kitty                                                                                                     Sarah Elizabeth Miller Tina                                                                                                      Rebecca Fast     In the Beginning was Eve by Warren Kliewer Directed by Kyle Dean Reinford Adam                                                                                                   Alex Miller Eve                                                                                                      […]

  • Fall One Acts- 2004

    Enough by Patricia Montley Cast Razer                                                                                       Jonny Meyer Xero                                                                                        Erin Sigler Director                                                                                    Talashia Keim Yoder Stanger Manager                                                                      M. Elizabeth Miller   In A Time of War by Eric Meyer Cast Older Woman                                                                          Laura Kraybill Younger Woman                                                                      Lindsay Nance Director                                                                                    Pat McFarlane Stage Manager                                                             Laura Landis       Production Team Producer         […]

  • Fall One Acts -2003

    Arabian Nights Director                                                                        Eric Diener Meyer Stage Manager                                                 Laura Landis Interpretor                                                                    Adrianne Mishler Norman                                                                        Derek Bontrager Flora                                                                            Nicole Miazgowicz Light Designer                                                  Sean Kauffman Costume Designer                                                        Robin Wenger Sound Designer                                                            Dan Horst Asst Director                                                                Robin Wenger   The Ugly Duckling Director                                                                        Jessica Smucher-Falcon Asst Director                                                                Ben Friesen Stage Manger                                                               Naomi Rise-Smucker King                                                                             Philip Kendall Queen                                                                          Adrianne […]

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