American Sign Language
Degree at Goshen College

The four-year ASL degree program is designed to prepare graduates for a professional interpreting career and to use their skills in service to the community and the church. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, students will have taken the written portion of the National Registry of Interpreters for Deaf evaluation and have a sound base on which to build their interpreting skills.

Although ASL classes had been available at Goshen College for nearly two decades, a four-year degree in American Sign Language Interpreting began in 2002, and the college now offers both a major and minor. This program offers students the opportunity to appreciate the language, culture, contributions and history of the Deaf community in the United States.

Goshen is one of only three ASL/English programs in the state of Indiana and it is the only Mennonite college to offer a four-year degree in ASL/English Interpreting.

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