Kinesiology at Goshen

Program options

The kinesiology department offers two majors:  exercise science and physical education.   Two different tracks are available in the physical education major: general studies or teacher education (with health education option).  Within the exercise science major, a fitness leadership concentration is available.

Minors within the department include:  sport management, exercise science, physical education, health as well as a minor in recreation and sport.

Successful completion of the coaching endorsement requirements certifies the student for coaching through the American Sport Education Program.

Kinesiology students  are prepared for entry level graduate work in their respective areas after the successful completion of the program.

Exercise Science Major

The exercise science major is designed for students interested in focusing specifically on scientific aspects such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, exercise testing and prescription.  This is a rigorous program requiring anatomy, physiology and chemistry in preparation for deeper understanding in exercise physiology, biomechanics, testing and prescription.   Students who are successful in the program will be prepared for careers in exercise science and for graduate school.

With the fitness leadership concentration, students learn how to be personal trainers and how to lead spinning, aerobics, aquatics or conditioning classes. In this program, which emphasizes American College of Sport Medicine guidelines, we work in the RFC, collaborate with a local retirement center and the local hospital to learn best practice in the field.

Physical Education Major

Helping others develop healthy lifestyles and physical skill is a rewarding career.

At Goshen, a teaching major prepares you for K-12 teaching in physical education and health (optional).  We work closely with the Education Department in preparing students to pass the  test for licensure.  Students begin working in the public school system with current teachers early in the program.

The coaching endorsement requirements allow students to learn and develop leadership skills specifically related to the coaching profession. Sociological and psychological aspects are discussed in this class in addition to more practical aspects related to coaching such as practice planning, running drills, budgeting and ordering equipment. Coaching internships provide real world experience for students with this career goal.


Sport Management

Administration classes, business classes and hands-on internships prepare Goshen graduates for careers in sport management, such as marketing, managing a fitness facility or sport venue, directing a sport program, running sport events, working in public parks and recreation jobs.

Exercise Science

Physical Education


Sport and Recreation


Promoting wellness

All students at Goshen College are required to take a wellness class. This class introduces first year students to the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center and encourages them to utilize the facilities available.  Each student develops and implements his or her own personalized wellness plan during the semester and conducts an analysis of energy balance and food intake.

Activity classes for all

Activity classes offered by the kinesiology department include aerobic conditioning, badminton, cycling, golf, international folk dance, outdoor recreation/canoeing, racquetball, swimming, tennis and tumbling.