Student Technology Assistant Page

Michael Aklilu
Michael is an informatics major.
Jackson Bush Jackson is from Ohio and is majoring in mathematics. He works as a teaching assistant and teaches math to junior high students during the school year. In the summer he works at a farm/produce company.
Andrew Clemens  Andrew is a Math and Physics double major.  He enjoys math and has competed in the William Lowell Putnam Competition where he ranked in the top 15%. Andy is from Baltimore MD.
Kendall Friesen Kendall, an environmental science major, enjoys problem solving and working on his own computer. He also plays the banjo.

Jacob Gerig Jacob is an informatics major. He enjoys working with computers and has experience doing hardware repairs.
Evan Grimes  Evan is a Physics major. He has helped work on IT wiring projects over the summer and is looking to attend Notre Dame this summer for Graduate School Program.
Minah Kim Minah’s home country is Korea. He is here studying math and accounting.
Jon Mark
Jon Mark
Jon is from Goshen and is majoring in environmental science and PJCS.  He enjoys biking and studying environmental ethics such as the writings of Aldo Leopold.
  Peter Meyer Reimer
Peter is from Goshen. He is a biology and interdisciplinary major.

   J.D. Nafziger J.D. is a Spanish major and his hometown is Goshen. He enjoys helping people and problem solving which makes him a good fit for the Help Desk. J.D is spending the year exploring and going on SST. His first stop is Chicago where he will be working at Jesus People USA, a commune and church. Later he’ll be in Argentina and Bolivia.

Ezra O’Michael Ezra is an informatics and broadcasting major. He is from Eritrea, a country in eastern Africa.  He also works at WGCS, the college’s radio station.
  Balazs Pirot Balazs is from Hungary. He is an informatics major. He is a member of the GC men’s tennis team.
Peter Schrock
Peter’s home town is Goshen, IN. His major is mathematics.

Nick Schwartz Nick’s major is informatics. He is from Phoenix, AZ. He is a recipient of the Menno Simons Honors Scholarship to Goshen College. He was also an honor student in high school and graduated in the top 5 percent of his graduating class.

Jack Shomberg
Jack is from Lansdale, PA. His major is environmental science. He describes himself as friendly, hardworking and reliable. He worked several years at Home Goods while attending high school.

Brian  Sutter Brian is from South Bend, IN. He was valedictorian of his senior class.
He is a physics & informatics double major. Brian is our current Lead STA
  Seth Yoder
Seth is from Quakertown, PA. His majors are math/informatics and music.  He is spending spring 2014 in Tanzania on Study-Service Term.

Michael Yoder Michael is from Kalona, IA. He is seeking a double major in informatics and biochemistry. Michael describes himself as persistent and hard-working.