History at Goshen

history class at schrock plazaGoshen College’s history and political science department provides an understanding of global issues with local impact that help you understand the future by examining things such as ethnic conflict, war and peace, poverty, immigration, gender roles, the environment, racism, globalization and the implications of Christian faith in a changing society.

Mesa Verde

Explore the history of the American Southwest at Mesa Verde National Park

History majors explore economics, political science, sociology and the humanities, and learn communication skills and research skills that can be applied to a wide variety of careers. Hands-on learning opportunities include participation in the model United Nations program, internships with community organizations, special courses such as Archaeology in Southwest Colorado or Anabaptist history around the world in Europe or Latin America, and participation in local churches through the Ministry Inquiry Program or the college’s unique Service Inquiry Program.

Course requirements are flexible, allowing you to arrange a concentration of history courses that suits your interests. All majors take the two-part history senior seminar in the fall of their junior year and the spring of their senior year, culminating in a significant research paper, and complete an internship.

Internships and work-study

The Elkhart County Historical Museum

A variety of internship possibilities are available to students. Opportunities consist of working with community organizations, museums, researching with Mennonite Quarterly Review or the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism, and using the college’s Service Inquiry Program. Visit the career services internships Web page.

The department also offers two scholarships: the Willard and Vera Smith scholarship to a student who elects to study United States History and United States (American) Studies; and the Oswin and David Gerber Scholarship to encourage the study of Mennonite history and Mennonite studies by Goshen College students.