Psychology at Goshen

winter2013.0040The department is focused on the science of psychology with a strong emphasis on empirical methodology.

The breadth of skills brought by GC psychology professors allows the department to offer a wide range of courses in clinical, developmental, social, cognitive, and experimental psychology. In addition, classes are also offered in psychology of religion, multicultural psychology, biological psychology and psychology of good/evil.

Psychology majors find that in addition to testing principles and facts, they also learn ways to integrate faith into a profession and openly discuss controversial issues while studying the foundations of psychology and its practical applications in society. The psychology department offers courses that prepare students for continued study in psychology and working with people in a wide variety of settings. Students are exposed to a broad base of knowledge in personality, psychopathology, brain and behavior, social groups/context, development, psychological assessment, and research and statistics.

After graduation, many GC psychology department alumni find jobs in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, nonprofit organizations, community outreach programs, church organizations, schools and research programs. Completing a year or two of service with a church organization is also typical of GC psychology graduates.

Psychology alums have a high acceptance rate into graduate schools.  Some programs with psychology majors from the past 10 years include University of Michigan, Indiana University, Notre Dame, University of Colorado, Miami University, and University of Kentucky. Most recently graduates have completed doctoral degrees in Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology.