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Winter 2016

Merry Lea employees participate in a variety of professional organizations and conferences to keep current. Read about their recent travels, including a foray to the Bahamas to work out an intercultural experience for students in the Master’s in Environmental Education program. Feature stories on Ryan Minter, Julie Davidson and Rick Bonar round out the issue. These are three of our dedicated volunteers.

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Autumn 2015

Where do Merry Lea’s Master’s in Environmental Education graduates go after they leave us and what do they do? A Merry Lea education can serve you well in many different locations. Also read about the summer of lightning strikes.

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Spring 2015

This Merry Leaflet examines the ways in which sustainability education permeates Merry Lea’s offerings. It also features the last of three sets of “Day in the Life” stories by staff members. Lisa Myers, Janie Beck Kreider, Jonathon Schramm and Bill Minter tell about their work.

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Winter 2015

On March 1, 2015, Dr. Dale Hess passed away. This issue reviews his legacy and shares staff and student memories.

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Autumn 2014

In this issue, Merry Lea employees Kerry Goodrich, Jane Litwiller, Dave Ostergren and Jon Zirkle describe their work lives. Also learn what WOOFing is and see a PROWL program in process.

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Summer 2014

This issue features some of our staff members reflectioning on a typical (or not so typical!) “Day in the Life” in their various roles at Merry Lea.

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Spring 2014

In this Spring 2014 issue of the Merry Leaflet you will find updates on some of the latest developments at Merry Lea’s Sustainable Farm, including a new small animal barn and a woody perennial polyculture project. Also read about a recent visit from youth of the Menominee tribe of northern Wisconsin, and research reflections on Native American traditional ecological knowledge.

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Winter 2014

This issue focuses on Merry Lea’s master’s degree in environmental education. Read about the ways leadership, environmental issues and peacemaking play a part in this graduate program. Discover the dangers of unregulated coal ash and the joys that a brutal winter brings to winter sports enthusiasts at a nature center.

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Autumn 2013

This issue focuses on the K-12 program’s in-school programs in response to busing cuts. Read about a very successful worm program, summer research at Merry Lea and the unseen hikers who populate our trails.

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Spring 2013

The spring 2013 Merry Leaflet describes the development of the agroecology program as it moves toward becoming a year round sustainable farm, including livestock. Also see photos of Merry Lea’s Naturefest and learn about Merry Lea’s board members.

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Merry Leaflet
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