Bachelor of Science
Social Work

Tailored for adult lifestyles

Goshen College’s social work professional program is structured to help busy adults attain their degree while continuing to work.

  • Students with 60 college credit hours may be able complete this degree in 18 months
  • Accelerated program: courses offered in 7-week sessions
  • A combination of campus and online classes

Advance your career

  • Licensing pass rate: 100% success
  • This program for professionals is 100% committed to the same quality as our traditional program
  • Obtain significant off-campus learning experience working with professionals in a range of social services
  • Faculty have real-world experience, many active in the local community
  • Strong partnerships with the Michiana community provide a rich array of field placement opportunities
  • Personalized attention from experienced, knowledgeable faculty

A rewarding career in the growing, in-demand field of Social Work

Goshen College offers the only accelerated social work degree program for working adults in the region. Our social work graduates have an excellent track record of gaining licensure and job placement in their field of study. Licensed social workers are in high demand today and the need for social workers is expected to grow 25% by 2020.
Social worker helping elderly woman

Social work graduates are in high demand and Goshen College’s social work program is regionally and nationally known and respected with a historically high job placement rate. More than 60% of our social work alumni are employed in social work professions and many others are employed in human-services related positions.

Goshen College’s social work program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education, allowing our alumni entry to virtually any school for post-graduate study. In fact, more than 43% have moved on to complete degrees in graduate school.

If you have an interest in helping others, developing programs that meet human needs and resolving conflict, a social work major could be for you. Graduates enjoy a portable degree that can lead to career opportunities within private, government and non-profit organizations, in fields such as schools, nursing homes, retirement communities, mental health, health-care, child welfare, services for the elderly and  more.

Course Descriptions

SOWK 322 Social Welfare Policy & Program (3hrs)

Economic and social justice is used as an organizing framework to study the relationship between major social problems and social welfare policy, programs and services. The political aspects of social welfare policy and the legislative process itself are examined in-depth.

SOWK 323 Social Welfare Policy & Program II (4hrs)

A critical analysis of social welfare programs and issues of social welfare policy, including philosophical perspectives, the broad issues of organization, cost delivery, impact, effectiveness and alternate strategies. Students develop skills in identifying, evaluating, and formulating macro-level approaches to social problems. Taken concurrently with SOWK 325.

SOWK 325 Social Work Practice Theory I (4hrs)

Systems approach to the practice of social work beginning with a model for solving human problems. Emphasizes development of a theoretical base for social work practice and includes experiential learning in which specific behavioral skills are developed through simulation experiences. Taken concurrently with SOWK 323.

SOWK 391 Methods of Social Research (3hrs)

The principles and methods of quantitative and qualitative research in sociology and social work.

SOWK 409 Field Instruction (10hrs)

Integration of knowledge base and the acquisition of social work practice skills through direct practice under a qualified field instructor in a social service agency for a total of 400 hours. Field Instruction must be applied for during the semester preceding enrollment.

SOWK 410 Social Work Senior Seminar (2hrs)

A seminar that offers integration of leanings from all social work and required courses. The final exam takes the form of a written paper and oral examination based upon the student’s Field Instruction experience, through which students demonstrate their integration of learning and skill competencies. Taken during the second half of Field Instruction.

SOWK 425 Social Work Practice Theory II (3hrs)

Expansion of learnings from Social Work Practice Theory I and Social Welfare Policy and Program II, and application to social work practice with individuals, families, and social systems of varying sizes. This course is taught concurrently with the first half of Field Instruction, which provides the opportunity to integrate theory with skill development.