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About this issue:
Many gifts, with spirit

As a storyteller, preparing this issue of the Bulletin was both a challenge and an indulgence. In taking an hour or two to enjoy learning about the lives of these teaching faculty members, I was reintroduced to the wonderful mosaic of experiences, expertise,
faith perspectives, character and caring that come together on this campus.

Each interview illuminated unique aspects of the influences and choices that have led particular faculty members to teach at Goshen. I learned about educational and service experiences, personal journeys, families and hobbies. Amidst the diversity of subjects and backgrounds, themes that course through each underscore the values magnetized to Goshen College: Christian inquiry in a strong academic context, community and strong relationships, creating international connections and dialogue among those of diverse perspectives.

One has the gift of wisdom
Another the calling to speak
One the ability to comfort
Another the calling to teach.

There are many gifts, but the same spirit
There are many works but the same God
And the spirit gives each as it chooses
Praise the Lord, Praise God.
From I Corinthians 12
There was a striking similarity among those interviewed in the passion that each professor showed for their field – for his or her particular specialty, yes, but also for teaching that subject. A strong theme that also emerges in these profiles is the importance of mentors – including piano teachers, friends from other cultures, colleagues, GC and graduate school professors, artists and others – and the impact of connections to one another.

Goshen College is an intimate educational experience. Faculty at Goshen do a rare thing in welcoming students not just to campus, but into their lives. By getting to know students both in and out of the classroom, professors become engaged in helping individuals succeed academically, in finding their calling, in asking “the big questions” about life and faith, in helping them view education holistically.

Since early in institutional memory, the student-faculty relationship has been a close one, from social gatherings in 1951 in the home of Professor Karl and Christine Massanari in which U.S. and international students could interact to a house church group including faculty and students described by Rich Kremer ’75 where deep conversation and close relationships formed. Today, with arguably more complex family and student schedules, professors still invite students to their home – in the case of John D. Roth, professor of history, to enjoy the product of an old cider press.

This is indeed a rare and wonderful place – people aware of their part in the body of Christ, and to helping others find their points of connection as well.

If you have stories you would like to share about your experiences with faculty at Goshen College, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know if you would be willing to allow us to publish your comments – online, in the new and improved Goshen College Web site, where we are emphasizing the personal nature of the Goshen experience by sharing stories of alumni, current students and faculty. Send e-mail to or write to me at 1700 S. Main St., Goshen, IN 46526.

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