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Merrill Krabill This issues' theme: Many gifts, same spirit
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image of Myron YoderMyron Yoder

The evolution of Myron Yoder’s vocation came not from an opportunity for a new job or a promotion. It came in the form of signs... more

image of Brenda SrofBrenda S. Srof

Brenda Boehr Srof teaches her nursing protégés to focus on the whole person when providing care... more

image of Daniel SmithDaniel A. Smith

Associate Professor of Chemistry Dan Smith knows an industrial secret that he sometimes shares with visitors: Goshen College holds the world’s entire supply of... more

image of Bev LappBeverly K. Lapp

At the age of 10, two years after her first piano lesson, Beverly Lapp’s parents took a service assignment in Kingston, Jamaica... more

image of Dean RhodesDean K. Rhodes

During SST in Nicaragua, Dean Rhodes was “Latinized” – and he started on a faith journey... more

image of Jan Bender ShetlerJan Bender Shetler

Faith is a prime mover in the individual histories of people worldwide. Jan Bender Shetler’s experiences in service and scholarship... more

image of Merrill KrabillMerrill Krabill

Associate Professor of Art Merrill Krabill sees an unformed piece of clay, unexposed film or a blank canvas as a question for him or his students: What am I going to do? more
About this issue: By Rachel Lapp, Editor
Many gifts, with spirit:
As a storyteller, preparing this issue of the Bulletin was both a challenge and... more
The end is the beginning: By President Shirley S. Showalter
Being born again at Goshen College:
Like many readers of this publication, I fell in love... more
This issue's Alumni Highlights
Carl KreiderCarl Kreider ’36 - The former professor of economics, dean and acting president... more

Roy UmbleRoy Umble ’35 - Myron Yoder and Roy Umble both had grand visions of... more

Norma Jean WeldyNorma Jean Weldy ’54 - While Brenda Srof sees Norma Jean Weldy as... more

Robert BuschertRobert Buschert ’48 - Using X-ray crystallography in his graduate... more

Kathryn ShererKathryn Sherer ’54 - As associate professor of music, Kathryn Sherer was... more

Mary OyerMary Oyer ’45 - While Dean Rhodes became "Latinized," Mary Oyer became... more

Willard SmithWillard Smith ’28 - Jan Bender Shetler traveled across Africa and the... more

Ezra HershbergerEzra Hershberger ’34 - While Merrill Krabill sees the infinite possibilities in... more

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