News media relations

If you are with the news media, contact Campus News Bureau Coordinator Brian Yoder Schlabach for general campus news inquiries or to request to receive Goshen College news releases. Contact Assistant Athletic Director for Communication Josh Gleason for athletic news inquiries.

A key role of the Communications and Marketing Office is overseeing news media relations. We produce and provide stories about Goshen College and work to publicize them through the news media and online information sources, thus increasing Goshen’s visibility.

To do this, we:

  • Distribute information and stories about GC to media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio, televsion and online information sites).
  • Cultivate relationships with reporters and media outlets. We work to connect reporters with faculty experts on campus. (Want to know what to do when a reporter calls? Contact our office).
  • Develop stories about GC.
  • Monitor the news to find the right fit for stories we place and identify new stories about GC.
  • Provide photography for website and publications as well as to accompany news releases, including coverage of newsworthy campus events.
  • Write content for and maintain GC’s news web site

How faculty and staff can help us

  • Share your story ideas, either for us to pass on to the news media or to develop our own news release. We rely on faculty and staff members to be our eyes and ears, and to bring us story ideas we might otherwise miss about compelling research, high-profile public service, can’t-miss events and great stories about faculty, staff, alumni and students. Please don’t assume that we know about your news and events. What makes news? A story must be timely or say something new about a topic that has been covered before, and must be somewhat unique in order to catch an editor’s eye or ear. It must be relevant to the lives of their readers, viewers or listeners.
  • Pass on a quick news or update items we can post on the Goshen College Facebook page, which has more than 11,000 “friends”.
  • Suggest a story for the Bulletin, the college’s magazine, which is mailed to about 25,000 alumni and friends and also is available online.
  • If you have an informed opinion on a subject area, let’s get it out there! Faculty members make wonderful commentators, and they provide great opportunities to raise the visibility of GC. Consider writing op-ed pieces on current affairs and newsworthy topics, letters to the editor, commentaries and guest columns. We can help plan them and get them placed. Call us with your ideas.
  • For the best publicity of events, please give us about four weeks advance notice, because we need to distribute news releases at least two weeks before an event.
  • Always give us as much information as possible. That helps us write a better story and meet our deadlines.
  • We frequently receive inquiries from local or national media about campus experts on current topics. We also seek to proactively make media aware of possible experts on campus for their stories. To do this most effectively, we need your help. Let us know what your areas of expertise are.