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Photo of Rachel Lapp Editor's note:

Greetings from an abundantly green campus as students finish May term and depart for summer jobs, service and inquiry programs, hometowns and three SST host countries, and construction crews continue work on the Connector that will add community living space to Kratz, Miller and Yoder Residence Halls.

In this issue of the Goshen College Bulletin, you will note some changes. Starting with the cover, you can see that President Shirley H. Showalter's widely read column, "The End is the Beginning, has found a new home on the inside front cover of the magazine. We have heard from many readers that they often turn first to this feature for the unique perspective of the Goshen College president on the church, higher education and world. Thus, a column that is not an end but a thought-provoking beginning now finds itself as a true issue starter.

In addition, you will find a few forward-thinking design enhancements that we hope will draw your attention to timely features and news, and paint a portrait with surprising stories and campus connections of our Goshen College community today.

We welcome your comments as well as suggestions for future issues! Please contact me at any time by calling (574) 535-7571 or sending e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you soon.