School Year Options

While this is geared towards homeschool kiddos, other students are always welcome to join.  

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Homeschool Series

Ages 6 - 8

Each year, Merry Lea hosts a homeschool series with 6 programs that cover a range of natural history and environmental topics on Merry Lea’s trails. Students spend significant time outdoors in Merry Lea’s wonderfully diverse landscapes and are grouped by age for trail explorations to provide age appropriate instruction.

Additionally, any of our standard field trips are available as a homeschool co-op program. Contact us for more information.

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Homeschool Series

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Junior & Teen Indiana Master Naturalist

Ages: 9 - 17

The mission of the Junior & Teen Indiana Master Naturalist (IMN) program is to bring together natural resource specialists with young people, ages 9 to 17 years old, to foster an understanding of Indiana’s plants, water, soils and wildlife, and promote volunteer service in local communities.

Merry Lea hosts TWO Junior & Teen IMN program series in collaboration with Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Site.

These programs feature various nature topics for local you to discover Indiana’s outdoor world through hands-on activities, outdoor investigations, volunteering and learning from local experts across different career paths, interests and organizations.

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