WATER: A Watershed Alliance Transforming Everyone's River

Elkhart WATER is a network of people in the Elkhart River watershed who work together on land management, restoration and care projects across the watershed. We emphasize creating opportunities for people to meet and deeply interact with their neighbors in the watershed, moving communities from a sense of isolation to one of connection. We also hope that many who don’t usually see themselves as creation caretakers will come to realize that they can be a part of restoring health to our shared landscape.

Begun in 2018, Elkhart WATER includes members from a range of places with our community: churches, non-profit organizations, parks and recreation, and more. For more information, look for us on social media, or reach out to Jonathon Schramm.

 Dr. Jonathon Schramm


(260) 799.5869

Current Projects & Initiatives

Prairie restoration demonstration garden at Goldenrod's Middlebury campus UPDATE April 10: Thanks to the Elkhart County Community Foundation for a $740 environmental improvement grant from their Good Neighbor Fund to facilitate this planting!

Native vegetation rain gardens in North Goshen