Homeschool Session #3: Worm Wiggle

Quick Information

When: Thursday, November 14, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Learning Center (2388 S 500 W, Albion, IN 46701)
Cost: $6/Child

About this event

Don’t wiggle your way out of this! Discover the world of worms and how they benefit humans, the soil, and more! Go for a hike to find worms, and examine a worm up close to see its external structures, watch how they wiggle, and hear the noises they might make when they move.


• This program is designed for students aged 6 – 9 years old.
• If you wish to sign up for additional dates in the Homeschool series (6 total dates offered in 2024-2025), please complete registration for one event and then choose ‘Keep Shopping’ to select additional dates.
• Students ages 9 – 17 may join our Junior and Teen Indiana Master Naturalist program.
• Both our Homeschool and Jr/Teen IMN programs are for students only and are designed as drop-off programs. We do have public events that are available for the entire family to enjoy if desired.

Expectations for participation & conduct:

• We expect all students to demonstrate respect for fellow students and teachers at Merry Lea.
• Outdoor education involves exposure to some natural hazards like trips and falls, insect bites and stings and irritating plants. Merry Lea educators try to minimize these risks. It is imperative that students listen to directions in order to maintain safety out on the trails and inside the facilities.