Homeschool Series #1: Autumn Adventures

Quick Information

When: Thursday, September 14, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Learning Center (2388 S 500 W, Albion, IN 46701)
Cost: $6/Child

About this event

Discover how animals and plants prepare for winter by observing physical evidence and using all five senses in the forests, meadows and wetlands at Merry Lea. Students will think like a woodchuck, scamper like a squirrel, compare seeds’ characteristics and more to experience how Indiana’s wildlife has adapted to survive winter.


• If you wish to sign up for additional dates in the Homeschool series, (6 total dates offered in 2023-2024), please complete registration for one event and then choose ‘Keep Shopping’ to select additional dates.

• Both our Homeschool and Jr/Teen IMN programs are for students only and are designed as drop-off programs. We do have public events that are available for the entire family to enjoy if desired.

*This program is designed for children ages 6 -8.

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