Nature Photography Adult Workshop

Quick Information

When: Saturday, July 08, 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Where: Learning Center (2388 S 500 W, Albion, IN 46701)
Cost: $50

About this event

Join us for an introductory workshop focusing on nature photography! Get a chance to explore the basic functions of a camera and how each can influence the photographic process. Learn how compositional elements can affect the final product, and then put it all together with practice outdoors! Wrap up with a conversation on editing tools, and leave knowing that you can approach nature photography with a new level of confidence!

Notes about this workshop:

  • Participants will spend some time outdoors taking photos- be ready to walk around outside.

  • Participants should bring a camera or device for taking photos: a digital camera would be better for this workshop than a phone, but all are welcome regardless.

  • If you have a laptop or tablet for editing photos, bring this along.  We will discuss editing software (including free trials of paid software, as well as free software).

  • This is intended as a beginner workshop. We will not be covering advanced topics.

  • Participants should bring a sack lunch.

Presenter Bio: Jackson Steinmetz is a 5th year senior at Goshen College double majoring in film production and communication, from Bluffton, Ohio.  He has spent semesters studying in Ecuador and Los Angeles, both of which experiences were formative for his worldview and career aspirations. He loves to run, play soccer and other games outside and really enjoys taking photos, especially of teammates while they are racing. He aspires to work in documentary film making or for non-profits as a digital creator working with film, photography, and graphic design.