Professor and studentThe department offers 1-3 credit hours of field study for students who wish to do an internship early in their degree. An internship in your junior or senior year is designed to link your coursework to your vocational goals. You may also fulfill this requirement, with advance approval from the department director of  internships, Bob Yoder, through the following experiences (each provides a stipend or scholarship):

Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP)
This program offers the opportunity to spend 11 weeks in the summer working in ministry with the supervision of a pastor. Visitation, worship leading, preaching, participating in congregational boards and committees, teaching classes, leading groups, outreach ministries, reading and reflection are all part of the experience.

Service Inquiry Program (SIP)
The program enables GC students to spend three months in service with a church-related service or mission agency. Students learn from active service and from observing others engaged in service, and are expected to participate actively in the life of their service unit and its local congregation.

Camping Inquiry Program (CIP)
Explore involvement in outdoor ministry at a church-related camp or retreat of the Mennonite Camping Association through this unique program. Work with young people who experience what it means to live faithfully in a Christ-centered community, where care of the earth is an extension of Jesus’ ministry.