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2004 Culture for Service Award Winners
Culture for Service Award recipients are honored during Homecoming Weekend (formerly known as Alumni weekend) at a special convocation and, this year, a special awards ceremony.

Postcards from May term destination
by Rebecca Allen '04
Rhodes led Goshen College students to Peru during May in a class titled Lost Empires of Peru. Over the course of three weeks, 25 students lived with host families in Lima, explored the jungle of the Amazon basin, wandered the ancient streets of Cuzco and trekked 26 miles to see the Inca ruins of Machu Piccu.

91.1 "The Globe"
by Jodi H. Beyeler
Radio station launches "The Globe" with Americana and world music.

Residence Hall Renovations & Merry Lea growth
Photos by Jodi H. Beyeler
Construction of a new $3.28 million, four story apartment style building on campus, to house seniors in 16 apartments began in June, with the intention of being completed by the fall of 2005.

The presidency of Shirley H. Showalter
by Rachel Lapp
An interview with Shirley H.Showalter.

The end is the beginning: By President Shirley S. Showalter
The joy of the journey - This summer brought with it a new form of adventure. Our household expanded to include not just one college student, our daughter Kate, but also Ashley, Sara, and Katie - three other Goshen seniors - and more who just "hung out". Going home in the evenings was fun! We never knew who might be mowing the grass or who might be cooking...

Strength in transition for our future: Goshen's challenge and opportunity

by Virgil Miller
Greetings from the Goshen College Board of Directors.

Goshen College Legacy Students

Goshen College legacy students and class of 2008's profile.

Interim president appointed:
John D. Yordy

The college’s presidential transition following the resignation of President Shirley H. Showalter.

A little chili, a little ice cream and a lot of investment in Mennonite higher education

by Jodi H. Beyeler
A strong correlation between Mennonite college attendance and later participation in the Mennonite Church.