In addition to completing academic requirements, several steps are necessary before you can walk across the RFC stage. Pay close attention to deadlines and make notes in your planner or calendar.

What, Where, and How


Check your academic requirements w/ your advisor
Ensure you’ve met the general education requirements, as well as those for your major.
Complete your degree application
In GC Online, go to “Academic Services” and click on “Degree Application.”
Sept 30
Considering graduate school? Ensure you meet all application deadlines
Write your personal statement early, allowing time for others to review and offer suggestions. Request letters of recommendation several weeks before the deadline.
Varies by school, usually early- to mid-fall
Complete commencement Attendance Declaration Sheet
Complete the form and return it to the Registrar’s office (AD 06).
Purchase your printed graduation announcements (if desired)
Available through the Registrar’s office (AD 06).
on sale mid-March
Purchase your cap & gown (if desired)
Visit the GC bookstore to place your order.
Beginning early April
Complete financial aid exit interviews
If you received federal or Perkins loans, an exit interview is required. Complete the interview online or talk with Financial Aid staff in person during an exit interview meeting.
Before end of your last semester
Contact the GC accounting office to pay any outstanding bills
Your student account must be paid in full before you can receive your diploma.
prior to commencement
Update your contact information with the Registrar
Call the Registrar at 7517 or stop by in person to provide your permanent address for after graduation to ensure your diploma is mailed to the correct address.
End of May term
Forward your postal mail & return your mailbox key
Stop by Printing & Mailing in person to complete the appropriate paperwork.
End of May term
Forward your GC email & download your files from the M: drive
For detailed instructions, visit the ITS web page.
Within 6 months of last class
Register for the online Alumni Network
Search for GC alumni to network with and keep in contact with your graduating friends. Visit the Alumni Relations web page.

You may also download a printable checklist.