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Phonemail Shortcuts

Get the most from your Phonemail!
Know your Shortcuts!


When Listening to a Message from Someone

Skip the current message header
& go to Next Header
Listen to the message
without hearing the header
Stop the message
& Skip to the next message header
Stop the message
then continue Listening
Stop the message,
Save it & Continue
Stop the message,
Delete it & Continue
Stop the message
& Skip Back to the previous header
Stop the message,
Rewind to the beginning & Listen
Stop & End this PhoneMail session
Stop the message
& Replay the message Header
Stop the message
& Replay the previous 8 seconds
Stop the header
& Forward to the next message queue
Stop the message
& Forward to end of message
Stop the message
& Forward 8 seconds
Stop the message
& Return to Home State / Main Menu
 Increase Volume
 Decrease Volume
 Decrease Speed
 Increase Speed
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When Recording a Message or Your Greeting

During someoneÍs greeting
to Record immediately
Stop recording,
then Continue recording
Stop recording,
Delete Start recording over
Stop recording, Delete
& Continue to the next prompt
Stop, Rewind to beginning
& Listen to your recording
Stop & Replay
previous 8 seconds of your recording
Stop & End your PhoneMail session
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Modifying Your Mailbox

to create Distribution Lists
to change between Normal
and Abbreviated Prompts
to change Password
to create, activate
or modify Out-Calling Schedule
then to decrease Base Volume
then to increase Base Volume
then to decrease Base Speed
then to increase Base Speed
to change your Greetings
to change your Answering Mode
to change your Referral Extension
(faculty & staff only)
to record your Name
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Different Ways to Access PhoneMail

To access your mailbox quickly, dial 7123 or 535-7123 from off campus.  As soon as it answers, press # or dial your extension plus #, then dial your password plus #.
To leave a message in someone's mailbox without ringing their extension (two options) 
      1) Dial 6123 (or 535-6123 from off campus), enter the person's mailbox number and press # #.
      2) From inside your own mailbox from the home state, press 1 to record and send a message.  Follow the prompts
To transfer a caller straight to another person's mailbox so they can leave a message.
      1) Press TRANSFER (or Flash * 7 from regular phone) plus 5123
      2) At the prompt, enter the person's mailbox number, press # # and release the call (hang up).
To manually forward all your calls to your PhoneMail box so your phone doesn't ring:
      1) From your own extension, get dial tone, press FORWARD (or # 9 from a regular phone) plus 5123 and hang up
      2) When your phone is manually forwarded, your extension light will flicker and/or you will hear "stutter" dial tone on your phone.
To cancel manually forwarding, without getting dial tone, press FORWARD, (or get dial tone, # # 9 from a regular phone).
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Miscellaneous Tricks

Finishes the current step moves to the next step.
Stops or moves backward to the previous step.
Inside your mailbox, gives you help prompts.
At someone's greeting skips directly to the "beep" to record your message immediately.
At someoneÍs greeting transfers you out of their mailbox.
At someoneÍs greeting transfers you to their ñOperatorî or referral extension if they have programmed one.
Most PhoneMail prompts can be interrupted using the dialpad.
When you save, delete, or send a message, no action is taken until you hang up so you can return to Home Menu and change the action on a message before you hang up.

 NOTE:  You must


or delete

a message before you


or answer

or call

the sender

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