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Initialize Your PhoneMail

Each extension at Goshen College has an assigned voicemail box to receive messages when you are not available to answer calls.  In order to take advantage of phonemail you must initialize your mailbox.  Please read the instructions before beginning and then follow these steps carefully.


Access the system,
create your password,
record your name

To access the Phonemail system from your phone, dial 7123. The first prompt asks if your are calling from your own extension. If yes, enter #. The next prompt will ask you to enter your password followed by the # sign. Enter 111#.
If the system tells you that this is not a valid extension or password, hang up and try again. If it fails again, call extension 6245 and leave a message with the phonemail administrator. After five unsuccessful tries your mailbox will be locked out or "secured" and will need to be reset by the administrator.
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Create your Password

You have logged on using a non-secure password.
You should now enter a password that is at least four digits long.
Be sure you remember this password to access your mailbox in the future.
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The system will now prompt you to record your name.

To record your name, press and follow the prompts.
After recording your name, you should now be in your Home Menu.
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Record your Greetings

Your mailbox will have three greetings.
There are two regular greetings and one alternate greeting.
One regular greeting is to greet external callers.
"Hello, this is _______________________.
I am (we are) not available to take your call right now,
but if you care to leave a message, including your name and phone number,
I (we) will return your message as soon as possible."
  The other regular greeting is to greet internal (on campus) callers.
"Hi this is _______________________.
Please leave a message."
The third greeting is optional. It is an alternate greeting. 
It will change from time to time as special situations occur.

"Hello, this is _______________________.
I will be away from my phone for the next week, 
but I will return your call when I get back."
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To record your greetings,
you can follow the voice prompts,
but if you prefer,
here are the prompts in written form:

Press to change your answering options
Press to change your greeting(s).
Press to change your regular greeting.
Press to change your greeting for external calls.
Press to change your greeting for internal calls.
Follow the prompts.
Press when finished with your regular greeting.
Press to change your alternate greeting.
This is optional. Prompts are similar to above.
Press to begin recording after the tone.
Press to finish recording.
Follow the prompts to review, delete, re-record, etc.
Press when done.
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This flowchart directs you through various answering options. 
It begins at the Home Menu

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