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Are you learning to use the potter's wheel? Here is a web site that designed to help you develop your skills faster.
    Recent graduate, Jeff Unzicker, checking one of his jugs while unloading the Goshen College anagama wood kiln.  Jeff Unzicker together with other students was the builder of the wood kiln during
    his senior year. During the year 2000, Jeff joined his brother
    Tom and opened a new studio northwest of Indianapolis.  Jeff and his brother Tom's work is featured in the Goshen College Art Gallery , Nov. 24 - Jan. 8, 2003. 1997 photo,  Marvin Bartel ©

    Ceramics Facilities
    Goshen College facilities include kilns for electric, gas, soda vapor,
    and wood firing.  Stoneware, porcelain, raku, and earthenware
    can be made.

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The World of Ceramics
See this 1998 paper by  Heather Graber describing the life of a ceramics student at Goshen College. Written as an assignment in Cultural Anthropology class, Heather's paper gives us entertaining information about how to succeed in the ceramics studio. Enjoy.

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Ceramics Class
In the first term of ceramics, students learn to use a potter's wheel and other methods to create visual ideas and/or pottery in clay that is both sculptural and functional. Forming, glazing and firing are learned in the introductory level, Art 204. Second term students research glaze or clay and continue skill development in Art 304. Advanced students work on developing their own personal styles in Art 304 and 404. Ceramics classes are two-thirds studio, one-third verbal interpretation. ART 202, Ceramics is open to all students and is the prerequisite for more advanced ceramics classes.

Instructor 1970 to 2000 :

Marvin Bartel


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