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Hazards in Ceramics and working safely.
We now know of risks that were only mysteries a few years ago. Pottery is very enjoyable and is no more hazardous than many other careers and avocations, but ignorance can be debilitating.

Hints for Potters
This page describes innovative and helpful ideas invented by Marvin Bartel 

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Ceramics course pages

Wood fired pieces unloaded from the Goshen College anagama wood kiln in April, 1998.  They are the work of Goshen student, Greg Stahly.  The glaze on these pieces results from the wood ash distributed on the ware during firing.
photo: © bartelart, 1998

Wood Fired Ceramics
Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki. Shigaraki is situated in the heart of the 
Japanese Islands, and is one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan. The 
work featured here comes primarily from Anagama style kilns, one of the oldest 
style kilns in Japan.  by Shiho Kanzaki

Tom Unzicker's woodfired work.  This is an MFA graduate exhibition of a Goshen College graduate at Indiana University.

WWW Virtual Library: Ceramic Arts
This site lists Exhibitions and Potters throughout the world. 

The American Ceramic Society

The Studio Potter - a non-profit membership educational organization and journal with excellent professional information.  See the journal in our library.

The Clay Times magazine with lots of useful and beautiful contents on line.

For information about joining the e-mail discussion group about ceramics 

Ceramics Art from
This page has a variety of ceramics content. It is a  resource for glazes and glaze materials. There is also an easy-to-read chart of toxic materials.  Other pages include information on a variety of other specialized topics.  I think this could be a nice resource for glaze tests--this link submitted 4-15-00 by Jason Rupp

The Stoneware Glaze Page. This is Lasse ÷stman's glaze page.  At last count he has 28 glazes well illustrated and described.
A Directory of other colleges with web pages about ceramics. 

Ceramics Monthly  "Must Read" articles

Clayworld is an online clay magazine 

Claynet international home page from Australia. Covers Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, South America, United States

CeramicsWeb site
Exhibitions - Class materials - Databases - Clay on Net - Health - Software - Ceramics Magazines - Selected Links - SDSU Links- Searching the Net 

Ceramicas - Ceramics
 This is an indexed list of many ceramic sites, pottery sites, and tile sites throughout the world. The site is maintained in Portugal.

What is Clay and Glaze?
This is a web site with clay and glaze described in everyday language.  It includes some glaze and clay recipes. 

This site shows the home pages of potters.
This site shows some pottery by well known potters
Dick Lehman's web site.  A Goshen College graduate.
Richard "Rick" Pankratz Pottery, Monument, Colorado
An  illustrated listing of ceramic artisans in Toronto.
Zappa Pottery, Nick and Joan Zappa, Montrose, Colorado

This is David and Margaret Frith's pottery page located in Wales 

The Village Pottery, Intercourse, Pennsylvania. 
At least seven of the potters whose work is sold at The Village Pottery Goshen College graduates. 
They are: Jane Graber,   Royce Yoder,   Lynn Lais,   Dick Lehman,   Tim Martin,
David Rusterholtz,  and  Marie Harnish

A Korean Pottery
Exhibit your own work
This is a place to submit your own web page about pottery

Japanese Historical works

Faenza, Italy, Ceramic types and styles

International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy

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