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Historic residence hall to make new memories with renovation

The first permanent residence hall to serve Goshen College students–built for $11,000 three years after the school located to Goshen in 1903,–will be the to be renovated in a “likely to exceed $8.5 million” upgrade to all the living spaces on campus over the next year and a half, according to GC Vice President for Student Life Bill Born.

Kulp Hall now houses two floors of full-time female students and a small group house, for a total of 72 beds. When renovations are complete this summer, the historic building will accommodate 76 beds, two more small group housing spaces, significant bathroom renovations, stairwell reconfigurations, new lounge and kitchen space on second and third floors. Renovations will begin May 27 and continue through the summer. Square footage of Yoder Hall restrooms also will be doubled this summer with work coordinated by physical plant.

Eventually, renovations will be made on all dormitories. Kratz Hall will be renovated in fall 2003, Miller Hall in spring 2004, Yoder Hall and the new connector in summer 2004 and Coffman Hall in fall 2004.
The renovations across campus will add bed space, address American Disabilities Act issues, upgrade campus wiring and add sprinkler systems, offer new heating and cooling options and attend to aesthetic needs.

Renovations will be made with a $6.9 million bond issue received last year, which has to be used by May 2005 and is only for residence hall renovations. The college will use funds from a $2 million Lilly Foundation Inc. matching grant to build a connector between Kratz, Miller and Yoder Halls, providing common program and living areas while maintaining bed space.
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