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Taking community north: Group living in Alaska

Jeff ’00 and Carrie Lehman Chisholm ’99 (by Ryan Miller) – Carrie Lehman Chisholm ’99 spent her childhood in Paoli, Ind., in an intentional community ... more

Eleanor Smith looks to affect Concrete Change

Eleanor Smith ’65 (by Andrew Clouse) – When most people are invited to another person’s home for dinner, their biggest concern is what kind of salad to bring. more

Getting from here to there

Edward Zuercher ’87 (by Brian R. Hook ’94) – If you build it, they will come – and go. That is Edward Zuercher’s ’87 goal as public transit director for the city of Phoenix ... more

Dad makes a difference: Working with the Fatherhood Initiative

Todd Christophel ’93 (by Rachel Lapp) – A Pennsylvania man whose wife filed for divorce and moved away with their children, due largely to his drinking problem ... more

Gathered to create together

Kelli Holsopple ’99 (with Rachel Lapp) – Kelli is every bit a 21st century woman, but part of her life is spent in a 17th century world. more

‘Together time’ valued at Valesco House

Ayo Cole (with Jessica Meyers ’02) – The four residents of Valesco House – a cooperative program between Mennonite Disabilities Committee and Goshen College. more

Life is good with Matt and Steve

Andrew Gerber, GC junior – Six hungry men sit anxiously at the table, their stomachs growling, while five of them ponder whom the cook will ask to pray. more

‘GC Ink’ – GC making the news

Summarizing some of the ways Goshen College faculty, staff and students have made the news – locally and nationally – more

It takes a community
On May 26, 2002, a day of bright sun and expectation,
hundreds of people ... more

Community and shalom
The sixth-century monk St. Benedict, like many Christian thinkers before and after ... more

104th Goshen College
May 26, 2002

asking questions,
questioning answers,
shaping voices…

Julia Spicher Kasdorf ’85Poet and professor Julia Spicher Kasdorf ’85 told the 249 Goshen College graduates to love the “mutilated world” in which we live, telling its stories honestly.

At GC’s 104th Commencement, the Pennsylvania State University professor focused on the post-Sept. 11 world. “How can you graduate and go out into this world?” she asked. “What other world do you have in mind?”

Kasdorf praised the class theme of Asking Questions, Questioning Answers, Shaping Voices… – “Now more than ever, your ability to think and feel for yourself is essential, because during wartime, the ideologies of the left and the right and the righteous become more pronounced and dogmatic.”

Graduates hailed from 22 states and 17 countries, including Elijah Metekai, 29, of Olosho-oibor, Kenya, who became the second member of his nomadic Masaai village to graduate from a U.S. college or university; Metekai’s mother, two brothers, a cousin and a friend traveled from the small village in the Ngong Hills to celebrate; ticket prices for each voyager meant selling eight or nine cows a piece.

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