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‘GC Ink’ – GC making the news

Summarizing some of the ways Goshen College faculty, staff and students have made the news – locally and nationally

“When [Tolu Kayode, So., Etobicoke, Ontario] is not shooting a few hoops in the gym or putting in overtime improving on years of throwing the discus or putting the shot on the field, Kayode has found ways to boost his academic marks and still juggle two jobs to help his single-parent mother make ends meet. …

“Kayode, who wants to pursue a career as a teacher with an eye to moving up to a principal’s job, [said,] ‘There was a time that I’d complain a lot but now I have a positive outlook on things and I get lots of help and support from friends and don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. Life is too short to worry about anything.’”

“Kayode sees sports as his ticket to future,”
Sept. 18, 2001, Toronto Star

“‘Yes, my initial reaction [on Sept. 11] was complete shock,’ [Ruth Krall, director of peace, justice and conflict studies] says. ‘But I still affirm the Mennonite position that the call of Christ is to non-participation in violence and war.’

Krall’s pacifism is not only a matter of doctrine; her program sends students into war zones. While there, they work on long-term projects aimed at building peace.”

“Rethinking Pacifism,”
December 2001, Christianity Today

“We have lost something significant in our American culture; we have lost a sense that we need to tell the truth,” [Keith] Graber Miller, [professor of Bible, religion and philosophy] said. “That breaks down community.”

“O’Leary scandal teaches lesson: Tell the Truth,”
Dec. 17, 2001, South Bend Tribune

“(Brant) favors (J.R.R.) Tolkien’s books for their stories and the ideals they represent. ‘(C.S.) Lewis’s books re-tell Bible stories well,’ she said. ‘He’s almost like an invitation to the Bible for children. These are children’s stories,’ she said.

… ‘As a Christian, I make the connection between the act of throwing the ring of power away with Jesus’ letting go of divine power and his admonition that one must enter the kingdom of heaven like a child, that is, as one who does not exercise power over others or has no authority to assert over others,’ she said.”

“God found in fantasy,”
Jan. 12, 2002, Elkhart Truth

“Our college aims at developing leaders of the world whose understanding of global issues is wide enough to make them flexible,” argues Professor Zenebe [Abebe, vice president for multicultural education]. “And what better way is out there than the SST program designed to engage the students in diverse cultures around the world?”

“Dr. Zenebe Abebe: On Multicultural Education,”
March 1, 2002, Addis (Ethiopia) Tribune

“Not having host families really puts the pressure on us to get out and integrate on our own,” [Tom] Kelley [Jr., Goshen] said. “Cuba was just too interesting to pass up. Not only is it untouched by the U.S. since the ’50s, it doesn’t want to be.”

“GC sends first SST group to Cuba,”
March 30, 2002, Goshen News
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