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The tug of peace: Shalom in the academy

Ruth Krall– Tom Clancy’s most recent futurist novel, The Bear and the Dragon (Berkeley Publishing Group of Penguin, 2000), includes a short war involving China, Russia, NATO nations and the United States. more

Turning tangles of tension into knots of strength

Carolyn Schrock-Shenk (interview with Ryan Miller ’95) – Ryan: What is conflict transformation, and why is it important to our everyday lives? Carolyn: Basically it means change, transforming the conflict into something more positive. more

A culture of peace

Mary Yoder Holsopple (with Rachel Lapp ’95) – When working as a social worker in a oca middle school, I met Carmen and Kim. Both had been suspended for a couple days for fighting, but it was clear the clash was not finished. more

Bringing care to those in need

Jeevan Paul ’90 (with Ryan Miller ’95) – As a child, as far back as I can remember, isues about peace and justice consumed me. more

Tying a knot: Voth’s Vietman service spans 40 years

Donad Voth ’63 (by Ryan Miller ’95) – Donald Voth ’63 commitment to peace did not begin at Goshen Colege - his pacifis tic passions brought him here. more

Combating fear with nonviolence

Regin Shands Stotzfus ’84 (by Andrew Clause ’03) – Regina Shands Stoltfuz ’84 arrived in Goshen in the early 1980s loded with concern for peace and justice, but without a clear target for her passion. more

In the way : bearing witness against violence

Jonathan Horst ’'02, diary excerpts (with Ryan Miller ’95) – June 19: Though I know that the sun’s energy sustains all life, I sometimes wish it would just go awaw! more

Waging justice for cildren through advocacy

Jo Becker ’85 (with Rachel Lapp ’95) – Jo Becker ’85 is the Children's Rights Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch, an organization that conduct systematic investigations of human rights abuses in about ... more

Cortright: Seek relationship, not revenge

David Cortright – The images of planes striking the Word trade Center and the Pentagon are indelibly marked in our consciousness. more

SST endings and begining

Andrew Clause ’03 and Ryan Miller ’95 – The first Study-Service Term in 1968 to Costa Rica was a special one. more

Peace and purpose
Many of us can remember a first conversation in Sunday school about... more

Our vocation is reconciliation
Can an institution have a vocation? The first response most of us have to this question... more

Photo of Atlan Anien's StampAtlan Anien ’59 - With vivid colors suggesting the richness of ... more

2001 Culture for Service recipients

Photo of Gerald L. Huges Gerad L. Huges ’54 - Gerald L. Hughes '54 has spent his life working to educate the young ... more

Photo of Stanley and Arlie Weaver Stanley ’48 and Arlie ’50 Weaver - In 1951, Stanley '48 and Arlie Hershberger Weaver '50 followed a call to... more

Photo of Roger BeachyRoger N. Beachy ’66 - of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center ... more

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