Abner Hershberger _ Professor Emeritus of Art


B.A., Goshen College, 1960
M.A.T., Indiana University, 1965
M.F.A. University of Michigan, 1970
Graduate study, University of Notre Dame


14 Recent Paintings III
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An Artistic Legacy
-- an exhibition
of work by artists who studied with
Abner Hershberger

Updated - February 23, 2008

Abner Hershberger

Abner Hershberger in his painting studio,  2003


 Abner Hershberger Paintings 


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Abner Hershberger Paintings II

14 Recent Abner Hershberger Paintings III

Posted December 28, 2007

Cadenced Vista IV

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Heritage Works from an exhibition in the Goshen College Art Gallery, October, 1997. 

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