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Commencement rites

Out of the doors of the bookstore, graduating seniors and faculty members bring caps and gowns and hoods…
The academic dean practices pronouncing the names that will appear in the stack of diplomas…
Physical plant prepares the grounds for visitors…
The processional is rehearsed and graduates practice shaking the hand of the president with their right hand while accepting their diploma with their left…
The art gallery director hangs a show of senior work…
Mustering impressions of professors, vocalizing and fine-tuning sketches, students plan their grad-weekend show – a diversion in a transitional season during which they hear the inevitable, “What are you going to do after graduation?”
If these scenarios could apply to any graduation year, or at any other college or university for that matter, how is each Goshen commencement special? The students, of course, and the campus itself, with a new context for each class; maybe U.S. political or military conditions or societal issues brought tumultuous dimensions to community life, particular students emerged as leaders, a president was inaugurated or new buildings became part of the campus experience. Each year brings challenge, questions, wisdom, delight:

No matter the era, the spirit of commencement season is exciting if bittersweet – leaving the campus community, looking forward to jobs or graduate school or service, separating from friends, celebrating with family and loved ones.
We hope the Class of 2001 stays in touch, as you do so, we can share your experiences since leaving Goshen in the Alumni News section of the Bulletin. I would also like to invite you to share something more; if you have a particular experience, hobby, transition, job or societal, theological or other issue you would like to share with Goshen College alumni and friends, please be in touch with me about writing an Alumni Narrative. Write to me at racheljl@goshen.edu or Rachel Lapp, Bulletin editor, Goshen College, 1700 S. Main St., Goshen, IN 46526; call (574) 535-7571.

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