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Faithful business: a complementary tension
Jodi H. Beyler

"Sometimes Christians who engage in business have wondered whether they are accepted as 'full-fledged' members of the church. The idea that business is dirty has a long history. I have written this book in the confidence that Christian entrepreneurs can 'please God' and can function as an integral part of the body of Christ."

Generations thrive on legacy of entrepreneurism
By Rachel Lapp

Seeds of entrepreneurship planted in 1911 when Jonathan Stoltzfus bought a 60-acre farm east of Lancaster, Pa., have yielded three thriving generations of entrepreneurs: farmers, businesspeople, a conflict mediator and a multimedia specialist among them.

Profiles of entrepreneurs
compiled by Rachel Lapp and Brian Hook

Connecting faith and work can be difficult for all of us at times - no matter what work God has called us to do.

A mission made possible
By Rachel Lapp

Have you ever received a sense of God's calling so strong that you changed your life to follow it? Kevin ('84) and Patty Yoder Beck ('87) did.

Coffee that does good!
Photos by Joel Fath

In January, students and faculty traveled to El Salvador to learn about fair trade coffee and global economic justice and create multimedia to share the story.
About this issue: By Rachel Lapp, Editor
Powerful ideas and personal commitment - with that 'value added' difference – For the past couple of years, I've subscribed to Fast Company's e-mail newsletter. I was amused several years ago by a marketing stunt in New York City that involved clothing models walking sheep on city streets to advertise sweaters.
The end is the beginning: By President Shirley S. Showalter
Capitalism and global citizenship – Goshen College has always maintained a close connection to business. The Elkhart Institute of Science, Industry and the Arts (1894-1903), advertised business in its very name, and its catalog was very explicit about the practical educational philosophy: