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Homesick for America

By Margarita Klassen de Melo '95, June 5, 2003

        Homesick for America

looking at an advertisement showing a landscape
seeing pictures on TV
leafing through magazines and college news bulletins
getting Christmas cards
reading letters and e-mails
hearing of the death of a close friend

is causing moments of pain

it is not the landscape, nor the Christmas cards, not even the message of death
causing pain
it is the memory of something long gone, never to return

“I studied and lived in Goshen for five years, but I never expected to have feelings of being homesick for America. Actually, looking back, it is not surprising. Two very profound events in my live took place while being in America: I got married and my oldest daughter was born. My longing for America remains. What also remains are the memories of the good times spent with friends, attending small group, walking down College Avenue during fall enjoying those gorgeous colors, spending time traveling and exploring the U.S. and other fun times I had. Forgotten are the tough times.

“This poem was inspired by a brief glance at a billboard showing an American landscape. Sometimes all it takes is a brief glance to set an avalanche of memories and emotions in motion.”

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