What is a Student Educational Record?

Just about any information provided by the student to the college for use in the educational process:
  • personal information
  • enrollment records
  • transcripts and grades
  • schedules
  • financial records
The storage media for this information does not matter. Student educational record may be:
  • a document in the registrar's office
  • a computer printout in your office
  • a class list on your desktop
  • a computer display screen
  • notes you have taken during an academic advising session

What is not a Student Educational Record?

  • instructional, supervisory, administrative or personnel records made for the sole purpose of the maker and not accessible to anyone else

  • law enforcement records or information collected by Campus Security (however the Foley Amendment of 2000 states that institutions may disclose information to parents of students under age 21 regarding a violation of laws or rules involving alcohol or controlled substances.)

  • employment records maintained in the normal course of business (except when employment is based on the individual’s status as a student (e.g., work-study, student assistant or intern)

  • doctor-patient privilege records

  • information collected by the college after the student was enrolled (e.g., alumni records)
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