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The Gleason Moss Collection

Photographs of the Research Team

Carefully opening a packet of moss from 1942, Darren Bender continues the repackaging process. Many of Gleason's mosses came in herbarium packets that do not fit Goshen's storage cabinets and the team has spent many hours transferring moss from large packets to smaller ones.

While repackaging, Suzanne and Jonathan stop to admire a particularly well mounted specimen. Many of the specimens are from the 1930-1950 era with some being over 120 years old.





In the corner of the crowded stroage room, Suzanne works on catalogueing mosses in the card catalogues. For now, we are catalogueing according to Dr. Gleason's genus numbers although we have yet to figure out on what he based his system. Darren roots through a box of herbarium papers and scrap labels in search of prefolded small herbarium packets. Much of the material is still boxed as it was when donated to the college.

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