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Instructions for organizing your journals (April 1, 2002 update). see calendar for date
. Please Organize Your Sketchbook/Journal Binder
Please take a bit of time to place the contents in a consistent order for my efficient assessment of your work.
  1. R ituals (those not previously assessed) in chronological order (in order of date).

  2. Begin these rituals just after the previously graded contents of your book.
  3. Pass it on assignment work and the journal about it (I have most of these).
  4. Any previously ungraded Topics and Issues Journals (two for the term are needed)
  5. Field Teaching Self Evaluation Sheet, and Journal or Lesson Plans (after it is finished),
  6. Other papers for grading that is are previously graded.
  7. If you have signed up for ARTSEDNET (optional), you can include a (some) journal entry(s) that respond to at least one thread to topic being discussed (last week there was a question posted by a Goshen College student about the value of teaching/learning Art History and now several art teachers have responded to her question). Include a few printout samples of messages that you are responding to in your journal.
  8. Studio work and practice sketches, other practice, and artwork that fits in the binder.
  9. Class notes, computer printouts, and other materials may be bound at the end of your journals.
  10. All previously counted material needs to be near the front of the book before the ungraded rituals so new work can all be found in the last portion of the book.

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