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Art for Children, Goshen College

Session title ______________________________________ session no. ____ date: _/__/ ___
Parents _____________________ parent phone #__________ Child's name _____________ grade level _____
Complete this form after teaching each of your three sessions after listening to your tape. Use the back of the paper if you need more space. Attach lesson plans and/or a journal of the sessions you taught. Bring your audio tape(s) to studio class, have it advanced to play one verbal exchange you had with the child about art.
Materials ______________________________   Topic (subject) _________________________________
On back of this sheet sketch child’s practice and final work. Indicate paper (or object) size (in inches).
1. What did you feel went well for you?

2. What did you feel went well for the child?

3. What things did the child learn?
a. skills (how to do something) (preliminary practice)?

b. knowledge about art’s purposes, elements, design, criticism, or composition?

c. about art heritage (history or contemporary or from another culture)?

d. connections from or about art in everyday life (before and/or after media work)?

4. In what ways do you think the experiences were self-fulfilling for the child?

5. What unexpected things happened?

a. How did you handle the unexpected events?

b. What else could you or might you do on another occasion?

c. If you would have expected it to happen, how would you have prepared for it?

6. In what ways did the session or lesson differ because of things we have studied in this class?

7. List creative ideas regarding other ways you could teach this lesson if you had a chance to?

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