Teamwork Rubric revised in 2010 © 2001,  Marvin Bartel - updated Oct. 2010

Your name: __________________________ Project title: _________________________

Names of others in your team: _______________________________________________


I nstructions: Write the name or initials of one or two persons that contributed best in each category below. Use each name as often as you need to.

. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
Add comments (optional)
Provides leadership to help us focus.
Prepares prior to group meetings.
Good listener.
Contributes creative ideas.
Asks good questions.
Has a "can do" attitude.
Pays attention.  Responds appropriately.
Draws others out if they are too quiet.
Has the ability to summarize and clarify.
Does a fair share of the groups work.
Other, explain

Collaborative creativity works well when individuals come to the team effort well prepared to make a creative contribution. We delay negative and judgmental comments, hoping to keep everybody actively contributing.

Diversity can create synergy
We all have our unique contributions to make in a team situation, and some of the most creative ideas emerge when diverse group members take a positive and helpful stance to learn from each other and teach each other whatever they can.  In a successful group, generous members who come with expertise continue to welcome ideas from other perspectives.

Your ideas about these categories and about the viability of this process are welcome.  Maybe this list of positive team member attributes can be improved before or after using it.

Another version and format of a Teamwork Rubric is HERE

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