Student Blog 2014

Articles written by our campers. Enjoy!

Joe Hart is the president of the baseball team the Silver Hawks. Hart is starting his third season with the Silver Hawks.  Hart is planning to be president of the Silver Hawks for many more years. Before Hart became the president of the Sliver Hawks, Hart played baseball, basketball and football.

Joe Hart likes being president, but his favorite part of his job is when people and family come to the baseball park to have fun. Seeing families have fun watching the baseball at the Silver Hawks is important to him. Hart wants everyone to come to South Bend to watch the Silver Hawks.

The Silver Hawks has been a team for over 27 years. The Sliver Haws had been affiliated with the White Sox, but now they are with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Silver Hawks were named by an automobile produced during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

“The coolest thing is when you come out and see kids and families having fun,” said Joe Hart, South Bend Silver Hawk’s president.

Hart feels like the fan experience is very important so he makes sure that the fans have the best time possible. They are trying to enhance the fan experience as much as possible from the time they walk in the stadium to the moment they go home from an entertaining baseball game. There is a bouncy house to play in and fun Silver Hawks hats to buy as well as snacks and Silver Hawks souvenirs.

Hart wants all of his fans at the stadium to feel and have an entertaining night of baseball and fun.”We try to make it fun and exciting,” said Hart about Silver Hawk’s baseball.

He said he wants you to come back and share the word of the game and great time as well as the staff service. A typical staff member amount is around 80 but the Silver Hawks only have 13 members. 

Hart strives in a great staff and fan experience but also giving back to his community. The baseball team has worked at Applebee’s as waiters and all the money that the Silver Hawks team makes goes to the Memorial Children’s Hospital where the team has gone to hang out with the kid patients.

Joe Hart played basketball, football, and baseball in high school. Sadly he was injured in high school and ended his career.

Hart loved the sports he played, but he had a passion for baseball. He wanted to play in college but he was injured in sports and ended his sports career.

He decided to go to college for Sports Management. He started to manage a team in Florida and was asked to move to South Bend to the Silver Hawks because the Silver Hawks were doing so badly.

He decided to come up to South Bend and be the president of the Silver Hawks in 2011.

Yesterday, Write on Sports (Wos) went to see the South Bend Silver Hawks play the Burlington Bees at Four Winds Field in South Bend. In the first 4 innings the Silver Hawks put on a power hitting display. In the second inning Fidel Pena walked up to the plate for his first at bat of the season. The next thing you know, the ball is clearing the right field fence. And Fidel Pena has a three run home run. The Silver Hawks are up three one going into the third inning. In the bottom of the third inning, Silver Hawks left fielder Chuck Taylor hits a solo home run to give the Silver Hawks a four one lead. In the bottom of the fourth inning once again Pena comes up big hitting a triple driving in Michael Perez. The next batter Daniel Bowman hit a fly ball single which allowed Fidel Pena to score. The Hawks ended up winning six to three.

Another key contributor to the Silver Hawks win was the pitching staff. Four pitchers from the Silver Hawks allowed a total of  nine hits three runs and only walked two batters. They also had 12 strikeouts. Six of those were coming from starting pitcher Brent Jones.

At the end of nine innings the Silver Hawks  had defeated the Burlington Bees six to three for another Hawks win.


On July 17, 2014, WoS interviewed Joe Hart at the South Bend Silver Hawks’ Stadium. A president’s job is not easy, but he seems to manage it very well.

Hart says that he likes his job because when people go to a game they’re making memories. He said that even though fans go to the stadium to watch baseball, when the day ends, they’re more about entertainment than sports.

The South Bend Silver Hawks have a seventeen year affiliation with the Arizona Diamond Backs. This means that the players are more of employees than players. But the Silver Hawks “own” them for seventeen years. The Diamond Backs provide the players, and the Silver Hawks provide the equipment such as bats, balls, and buses.

The biggest part of Hart’s job is selling sponsorships. He mentioned that the Silver Hawks have sponsorships with 55 companies. On the backstop, they have around 15 sponsor posters stuck on the wall.

Write on Sports went to South Bend for a Silver Hawks baseball game. After we all got our seats we all had a card that could get us a free Silver Hawks hat so we did.  We all had a hat that had SB on the front of it. It meant South Bend. There were lots of souvenirs there but none of us got any except the hat.

It was fun during the game. Also, between every inning of the game they would have mini-games. So they would a group of people about two to four and they would set up this little game. One of the games was where they had three people dress up in a suit, one of them was ketchup, another one was a tomato, and the last one was a pickle. So they spun around ten times and then ran as fast as they could in a straight line. Suprisingly none of them fell down, but ketchup came in first then pickle then tomato.

Most baseball games have group participation like maybe a chant or something. The Silver Hawks do chants and whenever the Silver Hawks get a home run, they have this foghorn that they blow so it catches the away team off guard. In the game that Write on Sports went to the Silver Hawks had two home runs.


Yesterday, WoS interviewed Joe Hart President of the Silver Hawks team. The Silver Hawks team is a minor league that is trying to become a professional league.

Silver Hawks president Joe Hart has always liked sports ever since he was young. He played basketball, football, and baseball but the only sport that took a liking to him was baseball. As he got older the only thing he knew about was sports and mostly baseball. When he got older he moved around a lot. Now he is living in South Bend. ” If I wasn’t working in baseball I don’t know what I’d do.”

Now he is the president of the Silver Hawks and he thinks that the best part of being the president is seeing all of the people and kids faces to see how happy they get.

Joe Hart is in his third season as president of the South Bend Silver Hawks. Hart’s dream was to play major league baseball, like many, but the dreams were ended when he injured his shoulder while getting his degree in sports management.

Hart had never been to a minor league game until after he got his first job. He was intrigued that the game was more about the fans than the actual game. In major leagues it is focused on the game and the players, where as in minor leagues it is all about the fans’ experience. This is what makes Hart want to stay in minor leagues; he loves to see kids come with their families and catch their first foul ball or have a blast running the bases after the game.

“We’re very customer service-oriented,” said Hart to Write on Sports before the game on Thursday night. Recently the Silver Hawks spent five million dollars on renovations making a bouncy house, fun zone for kids, and a splash pad.

Andrew Velasquez lost his publicity as a minor league baseball player when he lost his 72 consecutive base runs streak on Thursday, July 17, 2014. The on-base record of 71 straight games was held by Kevin Millar (1997) and Kevin Youkilis (2003).

Mr.Velasquez began the streak on April 22, 2014. He was aiming for 75 consecutive base runs, but stopped at 72, unfortunately. The Major League on-base record is 84 straight games, and Mr. Velasquez was as close to breaking that record as ever.

Velasquez has worked hard for the title as “the man who broke the record.” As a minor league baseball player, this would have been a very big accomplishment. Maybe he will try to re-earn his fame next time around.


The smell of the popcorn and hotdogs, the roar of the crowd, the proud grins of children as they catch their first foul ball: these are the feelings you get when you go to a baseball game and these are the exact feelings fans got at last night’s South Bend Silver Hawks baseball game in which the Silver Hawks won against the Burlington Bees 6-3.

As soon as you walk onto Four Winds Field you just feel the uplifted cheer like a slap to the face.

Although Silver Hawks player Andrew Velasquez lost his streak of 72 consecutive runs, there was still a feeling that made you want to get up and dance.


Goshen,IN-On Thursday July 17,2014, Write On Sports went to the South Bend Silver Hawks stadium. When we arrived, we interviewed the Silver Hawks president, Joe Hart. Joe Hart has been working at the facility since 2011. According to Hart, he got the job when he was working at a car sales unit. His boss recommended him to the person that bought the team. Soon Hart had the job.

When Hart came for the job, they were going downhill in business. When he got there he found out that they were only bringing in about 112,000 fans. In two years it went from 112,000 to 245,000 fans, which is a big jump in just two years.

Hart tells us about how they had a lot of renovations to make the park more interesting. They spent about $5,000,000 on renovations to add new things such as a splash pad. The splash pad is a water park that has a fountain and a kiddie pool and much more.

Now the South Bend Silver Hawks is bringing in lots of fans and have more entertainment. For example they now have a fireworks show every Friday night. They also have a place in the park where there are lots of blow-up machines that the kids can play on.

Hart says that the biggest thing that they want to have happen is to make sure that when you visit, you have a good experience.




It’s the bottom of the second inning, Fidel Pena is up for his first at bat playing for the South Bend Silver Hawks this season. The pitch comes in and CRACK the ball is hit deep right field, and, it’s three home runs!

Pena is a second baseman, switch hitter who now has a three run homer in his first game of the season. His batting average is a .667, and he has 4 runs batted in. He will definately be a presence in the upcoming games for the Silver Hawks.

The Silver Hawks won their game against the Burlington Bees last night, six to three. It was a great game for the Hawks, but also the end of a record breaking streak by Shortstop Andrew Vasquez.

Last nights game seems like the start of a great season for Fidel Pena!