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Julia Giddens will be a seventh grader at Goshen Middle School.

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July 15, 2013

GOSHEN, Ind.–Today softball player for Bethel College Natalie Newell was interviewed by the students of Write on Sports summer camp at Goshen College. The students were told how Newell balances her softball with her schoolwork.

Newell has done an excellent job of showing that her sports do not interfere with her schoolwork. Newell works hard to make sure assignments are done and ready to be turned in by the due date, even if it means working on the assignment during the bus trip to an away game.

Newell has received awards not only for her softball but also for her academics. One of the awards she has that she is most proud of is her Academic All-American award which combines school and athletics.

Newell is remembered by many for her softball, but has said that she would rather be remembered f0r being a great scholar and role model. She understands that sports are important to her but she needs to have good grades in order to be able to do what she loves.

July 11, 2013

NOTRE DAME, Ind.–Jack Nolan, Notre Dame athletic broadcaster, thinks that academics are equal to athletics at Notre Dame.

Yesterday during an interview with the students of Write on Sports camp, Nolan told the students that one of the reasons he enjoys working at Notre Dame is that the athletes are “student athletes,” meaning that school comes before sports.

“They try to get you to succeed in everything,” Nolan said.

Notre Dame helps their athletes by giving them a plan in case their career as an athlete doesn’t turn out like they hoped.

“It helps the athletes face the music,” Nolan said.

Students who play sports don’t just practice their athletics during the day, they also attend a variety of classes, all of which help them learn important things that can help them in life such as speaking in front of large crowds. Nolan explained that many of their athletes are very successful in life, with careers such as CEOs of companies or lawyers.

July 9, 2013

GOSHEN, Ind– Today an interview was conducted with marathon runner Justin Gillette. This was a part of the Write on Sports summer camp held at Goshen college. Gillette shared about how his family has supported him throughout his carer as a runner.

February 14th 1996 was a very important day for Gillette, it was the first day he started running.That day his grandmother has passed away.

“I needed to clear my head,” Gillette said.

He ran one mile to the local general store where he bought a donut and then walked home. Afterwards Gillette continued to run and it eventually became his carer.

According to Gillette his mother was one of his greatest inspirations for running as well. His mother was a single parent raising Gillette and his two siblings. She managed to work hard while still making exercise important, and Gillette grew up learning to love exercise.

One of Gillette’s favorite parts of running marathon was being able to travel with his family. Gillette is excited for January 14th 2014, during this time Gillette and his family will be traveling to the Bahamas for a marathon.

Gillette’s family is very supportive of his carer, especially his wife who is also a marathon runner. Even his two year old son is supportive of his running.

“If I had a bad day my son Miles would say something like, ‘ it’s okay, daddy, you’re faster than Miles,'” Gillette said.