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Caleel Baker will be in the seventh grade at Bethany Christian School.

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July 11, 2013

Goshen, Ind. 7/10/13 — Yesterday, Write on Sports went to Notre Dame to interview Jewell Loyd. We talked to her about her basketball life. Loyd’s favorite thing about playing a game is being with her teammates and winning.

We asked Loyd what interested her in playing basketball. She said she loves her big brother, so she followed what he did.

“I did everything my brother did and so when he played basketball I did,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd talked about her pre-game routine, which she says she does it before every game.

“Before every game I watch Kobe (Bryant) highlights, drink apple juice, and then pray,” said Lloyd.

July 9, 2013

Write on Sports camp is a really fun camp. If you like writing or sports this is the place for you. There are lots of activities you do here. You will get to interview reporters and athletes. After you interview them you will write a blog or article on the guests. At the camp you get delicious lunch with desert, soda, and soft serve ice cream.

I like this camp and will be here next summer and let my friends know about this camp. This year we got to go to Notre dame and to see a Silver Hawks game. We met athletes Lloyd Jewell a women’s basketball player, Justin Gillete a marathon runner, and Natalie Newell a soft ball player. We also met ┬áJason Samuel the manager for the radio station 91.1 The Globe and Anthony Anderson a reporter for the Elkhart Truth.

I remember the first time I walked thru those doors I was nervous but about the 4th day everything changed. Now its the last day and I don’t want to leave.

July 9, 2013

Goshen, IN — Today Justin Gillete came in to the Write On Sports newsroom. He was interviewed by Anthony Anderson, a reporter at the Elkhart Truth. Gillete came off as a competitive athlete.

“I want to be the best,” Gillete said.

Gillete has won 64 races. His fastest marathon time is 2:25:24. Gillete is the 5th fastest marathon runner in the world.

Gillete never slows down in a marathon.

” Do you think Micheal Jordan would play worse in the 4th quarter of the game?” Gillete said.

Gillete’s mom motivates him because she raised 3 children on her own as a single mom. People that doubt him motivate him because he wants to prove them wrong.