July 19, 2013

Top in the Nation

GOSHEN, Ind.–91.1 The Glove was voted “Best College Radio Station in the Nation.” Jason Samuel is the man who converted a small radio station into the “Best College Radio Station in the Nation.”

When Samuel was little he knew he wanted to get involved with a radio station. It all started when he was in 4th grade. Samuel’s mom took him on a trip to a radio station in Phideldaphia. He was fascinated by the work they did there. From then on he wanted to work in a radio station.

When Samuel got older he was offered a job to work at The Globe. Samuel was in his yard doing work when Doug Leichty offered him the job. Leichty told Samuel that it was a part time job, but Samuel didn’t accept the job because he needed a full time job.

Later on Duane Stoltzfus kept calling Samuel to see if ┬áhe could accept the job but Samuel kept refusing the job for the same reason–he wanted a full time job. After asking many times, Stoltzfus got the job converted into a full time job. If it weren’t for Stoltzfus, Samuel wouldn’t be working at The Globe.

Samuel is now the general manager of The Globe. He loves his job as general manager because he loves working with kids and helping them. He enjoys working with students at the radio station because he says there is always energy in there. He calls his students “kid adults” because they are adults but sometimes act as kids.

“It’s awesome most days, sometimes they suck the life out of you,” said Samuel.

Thats how the man, who got Goshen College to the top, accomplished his goal of getting his radio station to be voted “Best College Station in the Nation.”


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