July 18, 2013

My Experience at WoS Camp

Write on Sports camp was a blast. It was the coolest camp (educationally speaking) I’ve been to yet. My experiences at camp led to many awesome things.

Number 1. I got to keep up on my writing skill. This is very important to me because I really want to excel in school. My academics are on thing that majorly defines me, if I’m not getting top grades, it hurts (mentally).

Number 2. I was able to build some great friendships with people I barely talk to at school. I was able to talk with them about my ideas and they didn’t criticize or judge.

Number 3. I learned more writing skills. As I said earlier academics are sort of a big thing in my life. So, when I’m not learning I feel weird. I like to learn.

Overall WoS camp has been a really good experience for me. I hope you decide to apply because it was a fantastic time. I will be walking a way with a lot of good memories.



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