July 18, 2013

Changes to The Globe

GOSHEN Ind.–On July 17, 2013, Write on Sports campers had the opportunity to interview Jason Samuel, general manager of The Globe. The Globe is Goshen College’s radio station on 91.1.

Jason Samuel has had a big part in making The Globe what it is today. He has changed many things to make The Globe a successful radio station for all who hear.

One of the things that Samuel has changed is what the station talks about. They now include sports broadcasts. They even send a play-by-play crew to report on the game from location. The Globes focus is Goshen College athletics. They sometimes include high school sporting events but do not make them a main focus.

The Globe is focused on mainly local events to help inform the Goshen community. This is probably what makes this college radio popular. Recently The Globe has done coverage on First Fridays in Goshen and will be at the Elkhart County 4-H fair this week.

To get ready for these events, Samuel, along with a team of students, prepare for these events very carefully. There is a lot of hard work that goes into this station.

Recently The Globe won the award for no. 1 college radio station in the nation. Samuel talked about his feelings of this award. He said it humbled him because he knew the other college radio stations worked just as hard as The Globe.



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