July 17, 2013

From a Local Pool to an NBA Super Star

Once a swimmer, now a basketball superstar.

That’s what Tim Duncan is. When he was a kid he was a big swimmer until his local pool was broken by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, and then he started up basketball after that.He sure is lucky he did. He is now one of the best power forwards of all time, and he led the spurs to 4 NBA championships (National Basketball Association).
He almost led them to their 5th championship this year, but they lost to the Miami Heat in 7 games.

He has also won the MVP award twice in his career. He’s 1 of 2 international players to do that, the other player being Steve Nash.

Last year Duncan signed a 3 year contract with the Spurs. He said that once the contract expires he will retire. Going into the 2nd year of the contract he’s looking to take the Spurs back to the championship and this time win it for their 5th title since Duncan came to the Spurs.

From a local pool to a NBA superstar, Tim Duncan is an all time great.



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