July 11, 2013

The Voice of Notre Dame

Jack Nolan always knew he wanted to be a reporter.

When Nolan was just nine years old he was going to Red Sox games and was using his own recorder to record what he thought about the game. He even eventually started giving out stat sheets to all the people in his section.

Once in high school Nolan decided to join the school newspaper. He then also decided he wanted to be a sports announcer because he knew he wasn’t good enough to play in the major leagues or in college. Nolan stated it’s a way to stay with sports.

After he graduated from the University of Missouri in 1981 he worked for WNDU-AM from 1982-1999. Before doing WNDU he worked at the Atlanta station CNN as an anchor and sports producer. Now he is the voice of Notre Dame.

Who would have thought someone so successful started as a little boy with a dream and a tape recorder?



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