July 11, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

How would you describe perfection? Perfection is something you have to work for. The Silver Hawks worked hard enough to reach perfection. Write on Sports camp went to one of their games against the Cougars. Not everything was perfect, but it was still a great game.

One perfection was how the batters didn’t always swing at the ball. They waited for the perfect opportunity to swing and hit the ball. Not every strike is made from swinging and missing the ball. But it’s certainly better than swinging and missing three times in a row.

The second perfection was the outfielders. It’s truly amazing how perfectly they could catch a ball. They catch the ball with incredible accuracy.

The third perfection was the pitcher’s throws. Some of them were really fast. Some of them may have curved. It takes a lot of practice to be able to control the ball so easily.

In the end, the Silver Hawks won 7-2. But that wasn’t the most important thing about the game. They’re still in the minor league. But if they work hard enough, they have a chance at making it to the major league.


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