July 11, 2013

Jack Nolan Was Born to Be a Broadcaster

As a child Jack Nolan was very into sports in his home town of Boston.  He would take a tape recorder and do his own “broadcast” on the games of the Boston Red Sox and Celtics.

Later on, after the games Nolan would stand in the middle of the park and play his “broadcastings” and although people would laugh and joke at him he was determined.

A reason that Nolan wanted to be a broadcaster was because he thought it sounded like “fun.”

Nolan wanted to become a broadcaster because he was very talkative. “I like to talk,” said Nolan.

Although he likes to talk freely Nolan knows that in order to have this career you have to be a good writer.

“The key to communication–any communication–is good writing,” says Nolan.


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